Tournament rules

The following rules are applicable to the “Rood-Wit U10 Tournament 2020”:
  1. The tournament will be played in accordance to the KNVB rules.
  2. Het tournament is open for players according to following:
    1. Professional football organisation teams: U10, born in 2010 or later.
    2. Amateur teams: U11, born in 2009 or later.
  3. The matches will be played at 8 to 8 players according to the following rules:
    1. The matches will be played without assistant referees, with the exception of the final.
    2. Matches will be played with ball size 5 with a maximum weight of 370 grams and a minimum of 320 grams.
    3. Goals will have a size of 5 x 2 meters.
    4. Continuous player change is permitted. Changing is only allowed if the game is "dead" and on the referee's sign.
    5. At the kick-off, the opponent must observe a distance of 5 meters. You can score directly from the kick-off.
    6. The offside rule is not applicable.
    7. In the case of a violation, a free kick ball is taken by the opposing party. In the event of a violation in the penalty area, a penalty kick will be awarded. Penalties are taken at a distance of 9 meters. All players, except the penalty taker, must keep a distance of 5 meters from the ball.
    8. A free kick ball may be passed, dribbled, or shot.
    9. When the ball is out at the side lines, the game is resumed by dribbling. After the ball has been dribbled in, the player who dribbles can score immediately.
    10. Corner kicks are taken from the corner points of the playing field by dribbling or passing the ball. In both cases, after dribbling or passing the ball, the player who takes the corner may score immediately. The opponent is at least 5 meters away.
    11. A back-pass (played by foot) may not be picked up by the keeper. When this is done, an indirect free kick follows 9 meters from the end line. A back-pass that does not go by the foot (shin, knee, upper body and head) may be picked up.
    12. The ball who is behind the back line is taken from the ground within the goalkeeper's area by passing or shooting the ball. The hind ball can be taken by the keeper or a field player.
  4. The matches will be led by referees of the KNVB.
  5. All the participating teams need to hand in, before the tournament starts, a list with the full names, date of birth and the rear number of each player, at the tournament committee. A check can be performed by doubt.
  6. All players must play with the same rear number during the tournament, this for the election of the best player of the tournament and the goal scorers.
  7. The duration of the group matches is 1×15 minutes.
  8. Before starting the matches a toss decided which team can choose which side. The winner chooses the side and the loser can kick off the match. The start and end signals of the matches are indicated centrally.
  9. Each team is committed to let the game start on time. If a team is not available within 3 minutes of the stated time the opponent will be called out as the winner. The final score will be 3-0.
  10. The home team will provide alternate uniforms if there is a colour conflict. The home team is the team listed first on the schedule. The referee shall have final say on colour conflicts. If necessary, there are vests available at the Tournament Committee.
  11. The tournament starts in 4 groups with 6 teams.
  12. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 from each group goes to the Champions League (CL) groups and play for ranking 1 to 12.
  13. The numbers 4, 5 and 6 from each group goes to the Europa League (EL) groups and play for ranking 13 to 24.
  14. When two or more teams in the group end up the same, the mutual result decides. The duels in which the relevant teams did not play against each other are cancelled. In the event that three teams have an equal number of points, only the three matches in which those teams actually played each other count. If the number of points is equal, the mutual goal balance is decisive. If the mutual result does not provide a definite answer, the goal balance over the entire group phase is decisive. If that is also equivalent, then the most number of goals scored over the entire group phase is decisive. If this is also right, then three different players take penalties. If a decision has not yet been made, other players will continue to play until a decision has been made.
  15. The two teams as who finish first in the Champions League groups play the final against each other. The other teams play for the remaining places.
  16. The duration of the matches for place 3 until 24 is 1×15 minutes. The duration of the final is 2 x 15 minutes.
  17. If the matches mentioned at point 16 after the regular playing time ends equal than there will be taken penalties by three different players. If there still is no winner after these penalties you will continue take penalties by turn, until the decision is there.
  18. When a player receives a yellow card, he must leave the play field for three minutes.
  19. If a player receives a second yellow card during a match he must leave the match immediately and sit out the next match that his team has to play.
  20. Any player who receives a red card during a match must leave the match immediately and will sit out the very next match that the team has to play.
  21. For the sporting team of the tournament there is a “Fair Play Cup” available. The judgement will be done by appointed referees.
  22. For the top scorer, best player and best goalkeeper are prices available. The judgement will be done by an independent committee.

All situations not covered by these rules will be resolved by the Tournament Committee.

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